The “Associazione Giornalisti Scuola di Perugia” (AGSP) – “Perugia Radio and Tv Journalism School – Alumni Association” – is the association of the former students of the Perugia Radio and Tv Journalism School, founded by RAI (the Italian state network) and the University of Perugia in 1992.

The AGSP was formed in 2004 to promote professional education in journalism, especially among the younger generations, with the goal of strengthening and enhancing quality, independence and freedom of information.  All associates are professional journalists and members of the National Association of Journalists.

What we do

The AGSP organizes seminars, conferences, debates and other activities to promote professional education. In the last ten years it has organized many sessions and public debates concerning the problems of professional practice and freedom of information in Italy and abroad.

Main objectives are the promotion of the journalistic formation, to diffuse, in particular between young people, the values of the quality, independence, transparency and formation, to promote international exchanges and meetings.

Moreover AGSP takes part in the organization of International Festival of Journalism of Perugia ( since its launch in March 2007 (over 50 panels organized in nine years), and has established the “In-Formazionejournalism award for young journalists (

That journalism award has been re-organised in 2014 and 2015 in memory of Nunzio Bassi, student coordinator at Perugia Radio and Tv Journalism School for 20 years, who died in 2013 (

Since 2009 AGSP has cooperated with Italian Office of European Commission and organized seminars on Europe for young journalists from the Italian schools of journalism and for professional journalists. These seminars were attended by hundreds of journalists from many different news organizations. In 2011 AGSP launched an award for young journalists, concerning European News.

In 2011 AGSP organized “NewsROM – Informare senza pregiudizi”, three seminars in Rome, Milan and Naples on combating anti-Roma stereotypes and prejudices through mass media.
NewsROM” was organized by AGSP as part of the national campaign “Dosta!” promoted by the Council of Europe, coordinated and funded by the the National Anti Racial Discrimination Office (UNAR) of the Ministry for Equal Opportunity.

The Association was one of the founding associates of Youth Press Italia (, member of European Youth Press (, a network of young media makers.


The Association is based in Rome.

Twitter: @AgspPerugia